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Advantages of Exhibiting Companies in a trade event:

  • better understanding of the market requirements
  • learn about the latest innovations in your industry
  • meet your competition
  • launch your new products
  • raising your brand awareness
  • meet new customers and suppliers
  • sell your products and services through export
  • become known on the international market
  • increase your volume of business
For companies that want to exhibit in international events, ActivExpo team offers:
1. Consulting services
  • Identifying the Markets where there is relevant demand for their products and services
  • Recommending the Trade Fairs suitable with their activity
  • Providing all details about the Conditions of Participation
  • Building the Organizing Plan and Budget for participation as an exhibitor
  • Recommendation for suppliers of products and services needed to organize their travel to the event, stand construction, production of promotional products, freight transport and logistics
2. Management of entire organization process for exhibiting to the event
  • Providing support in Romanian language for organisation until the last day of the event
  • Signing the contract with the exhibition center
  • The registration to the event for the exhibiting company, by registering the participation documents and returning it with confirmation from the fair organizer
  • Booking the stand location in the exhibition centre, in the most suitable pavilion for the products and services of the exhibitor
  • The design, building and setting up (decorating) the booth
  • Support for contracting various services from the event organizer
  • Entry in all promotion sources provided by the organizers of international fairs and exhibitions
Connecting International B2B Opportunities
  • Promotion of international business events, trade fairs, exhibitions and congresses in Romania
  • Promotion of Romanian companies at business events and on the international market
  • Creating opportunities for face-to-face interaction between sellers and buyers from various

How we can help you

ActivExpo is the Official Representative in Romania of exhibition centers and business event’s organizers from various countries.

Do you want to expand your business and sell your products on the international market?

ActivExpo team can help you to achieve these goals.

You just need to follow 3 simple steps:

  • Choose the event you want to participate to or contact us to recommend the trade fairs suitable for your field of activity
  • Ask us about the conditions of participation
  • Let us guide you through the entire process, from registration to participation in the last day of the fair